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Taking considerable time to learn about what works and what doesn't for as many as have done it before is what keeps this creative process different from others. The dream is to make all that partner and conceptualize with this brand a dream come true.
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Branding and Visual Identity

From starting your brand up with professional advice on naming and brand strategy, to the simple and complex aspects of a representative logo, to articles and collaterals to emphasise the message of consistency and might to your audience, the offer is an experienced and broad thinking mind.

Motion Design

Making designs come to life is one of the greatest fascinations of the individual mind experiencing a concept. It is difficult to keyframe motion, and it is a delicate process. But the resulting voice is worth every struggle that motion passes through to become whole. That is what happens project after project.

Interaction Design

UI/UX is more than just drop shadows and rounded rectangles. It goes deep. A finished product design project is meant to serve the target audience, and lead them through the "valley" of aesthetics and function. You can have that too for your next project.

Lens and Shutter

Cinematography and Photography carry life in every frame, and the ability to translate feelings and voice within the confines of 60fps or 30fps, or the movement of the shutter is the sole aim for every photography, cinematography or video editing project. Let the frames speak for your event or brand.

3D Visualisation

x, y and z coordinates are what would be navigated on your behalf when you have that product you care to model or visualise as a rendered file. Working with professional industry standard softwares like cinema 4D would only produce some of the best results on that your next project.

Creative Direction

The diversity found within this brand gives an advantageous position when it comes to creative direction for projects, campaigns and events. How it is thought about should be different, and can be made better or more thought provoking. Always looking from a different angle to create a new experience.

Illustration and Digital Art

Vector illustrations and digital paintings are a huge part of deliverables. What do you want to achieve? how well or how detailed? and in what style are a few questions that hit the target for most clients. What would hit the target for you?


Tutorials have always been a helpful thing, This brand runs a youtube channel where interested users could check in and gain a few skills, tips and tricks for themselves and learn to do certain things on their own, whenever they want to. This is one way to 'Give Back'.

And that tinge of confidence

At the little works done

Ink Challenge

Illustration and Digital Art

A little bit of magic came to life in painting Nigeria's music star, YCEE, in a fantasy theme. Click here to view the project in detail.

Year Wish Render

3D Visualisation

At the start of the year 2018, using cinema 4D's physical render engine, this moText model and render was created from scratch. Click here to view the project in detail.

Iphone Scene

Illustration and Digital Art

Direction for this concept came from merely trying to make a simple, neat and fun illustration of the Apple product. Click here to view the project in detail.

Poetic Jazz

Branding and Visual Identity

Two years strong into branding this event, this years version was where the decision was made to go with a dark, classy look. It was fun all through. Click here to view the project in detail.


Creative Direction

Creative decisions as well as Branding for Alkabrook was done and shelved, with every article from the logo origins created by Art of Ofiare. Click here to view the project in detail.

Gee Skin Care

3D Visualisation

Gee Skin Care made requests for visualisations of new face and body products for its fresh brand. This body product is one of the works that came out from hours of work on Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop. Click here to view the project in detail.

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On these guys. Such Honour!

Ofiare has an eye for Excellence and the Finest of things and this is evident in the interpretation of his arts.
He puts his heart in his art.

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Barr. Enwongo Cleopas Environmental and Women Rights Advocate, Uyo

Getting the Job done is one of the things Ofiare places at a premium when he gets on every new task.

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Samuel Ogu CEO, Codekago Interactive

[Ofiare] is not just good, he loves what he does and he goes extra miles to ensure client's satisfaction.

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Hanson Johnson COUNTRY MENTOR, Google DG Nigeria

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